My Montreal Go-To: FCO di Fiumicino!

My Montreal Go-To: FCO di Fiumicino!

A good pizza always starts with the crust and they really know what they’re doing here.

In most cases, dinner in Old Montreal pretty much involves dressing sharp, eating things you probably can’t pronounce and picking up a hefty bill by the end of it. Whether you want to celebrate an important event, impress a date or dine for the love of food, there’s a table at some restaurant with your name on it. But what if you want to grab a casual lunch, where big money and looking like you just walked off the runway are out of the question? I have my go-tos, now including FCO di Fiumicino……

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Press review & Source Credit by a proud Montrealer with an unconditional love for food: This is Why We’re Fat